0900 numbers

Set up 0900 numbers – earn money on the phone

More value for your services on the phone? Simply determine the price of your services or advice yourself. You tell us what the caller will pay and whether your 0900 number should work both from the fixed network and from the mobile network. Turn your valuable time on the phone into money with 0900 service numbers! Here are some examples of the payout:

Numbercosts for the callerpayout gross
0900-1€1,86/minup to €1,563/min.
0900-3€1,99/minup to €1,706/min.
0900-1€10,00/per call€7,2800/per call

Good 0900 number provider

Before dealing with a fee-based payment system, ask your friends and family whether they have experience with a 0900 number provider. The question is important because there are also black sharps in the value-added service industry.

For this reason, it is important that before setting up a 0900 service number, you find out about the conditions, term, payments and routing options. So what is better than asking a friend who may have had experience with one or the other 0900 number provider.

Some 0900 providers promise incredible payout amounts. If you then hold your first statement in your hand, you will notice the endless deductions. These are incurred, for example, for the transport of the call or for the collection service. Unfortunately, these costs were simply overlooked in advance and only paid attention to the high payout amount. Reputable 0900 number providers include these fees in the payout amount, so that it is consequently lower.

Best 0900 number provider

So if you have the choice between two 0900 number providers, one with an 0900 payout of up to 1,80 euros per minute and the other with an amount of 1,613 euros per minute, then the decision should be clear. Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised if you only get 0900 euros instead of the promised 1,80 euros during the first 1,30 payout.

Even with offers in which there is talk of a 0900 percent payout, you should keep your hands off immediately. The XNUMX number provider is not a bank and will therefore not pay in advance for the resulting failures.

One should always remember that not every 0900 number provider works seriously. We have been in the 2003 business since 0900 and know what is important. Our customers want their credits to be paid out securely and sensibly. Finally, there are costs for advertising and for employees. Reliable payment flows are therefore always to be welcomed. After all, we want to work with our customers on a long-term basis.

Frequently asked questions about the 0900 service numbers

What numbers are there?

0900-1 for information services (e.g. software consulting)
0900-3 for entertainment services (e.g. card reading, astro consulting)
0900-5 for other services (e.g. erotica) What tariffs are there from the fixed network?

You can choose between minute or block rates:
minute rates from €0,49 to a maximum of €2,99 per minute
block tariffs up to a maximum of €10,00 per call (can only be used for donation hotlines) Can I choose a 0900 number?

Yes! You can check with the Federal Network Agency whether your desired 0900 number is available. What is the payout, what can I earn?

The distribution is based on so-called tariff clusters. We set up all numbers with the TC80 tariff cluster, which can of course be changed at the customer's request. The availability of your 0900 number is guaranteed from all mobile networks. Depending on the mobile phone company, the costs for the caller are between €1,48 and €2,99. If you are interested in other clusters, we would be happy to advise you on 02961-91091-0

Calculate your earnings yourself at www.0900-rechner.de.

0900-1: Costs for the caller: €1,49/min. // Gross payout: up to €1,163/min
0900-3: Costs for the caller: €1,86/min. // Gross payout: up to €1,498/min.
0900-5: Costs for the caller: €1,99/min. // Gross payout: up to €1,613/min. Will there be any costs?

If your service number is used by your customers, we will offset the monthly basic fee against your credit. If you don't make any sales, you can have the 0900 number switched off at any time at the end of the month. What happens if the customer doesn't pay?

When calling from the German landline network, it can happen that the caller does not pay his telephone bill. We will then receive a message from the telephone provider and will first deduct the amount from your payout. We will then take over the collection for you up to the last out-of-court settlement. dunning level and if successful, you will be paid the entire tariff afterwards. Can my customers also call the 0900 number from their mobile phone?

Yes, we activate every 0900 number on all mobile networks. Is there a setup fee here?

In order to transport the number to the mobile phone network, a one-time fee of €30,00 is due. What are the advantages of being able to reach 0900 numbers from mobile networks?

You can generate higher sales and the payout is guaranteed to be non-cancellable! Billing is via the mobile phone bill. Where can I apply for a 0900 number?

If you would like to apply for a 0900 service number, you can have this done by a 0900 provider. We prepare the 0900 application for the Federal Network Agency and then set up each 0900 number. The own 0900 number can be realized by private individuals as well as by companies. What must a good 0900 provider have?

In addition to excellent customer support, performance, payouts and service must be right. That's why you should only have your own 0900 number set up by a first-class service number provider. There are many providers of value-added services, but only very few keep their promises. Open up new sources of revenue for your company with 0900 numbers from TC30. You can set up a chargeable hotline not only with 0900 numbers, but also with 0180 numbers.