Invoicing software

Comprehensive document creation

From offers to invoices and reminders, FAKTURAMA generates all business-relevant documents. Tax rates, payment methods and shipping methods can be stored in the program as desired. In addition, discounts can be applied to individual items as well as the total amount. Discounts and partial payments are taken into account. Even letters can be created quickly and easily. Product management is also integrated.

Recording of income and expense receipts

By recording income and expense receipts, it is easy to compare income and expenses for internal use or for a customer project. Various evaluations provide information about account balances, among other things. The flexible LibreOffice Calc format allows the data to be clearly arranged and used.

Comprehensive evaluations

Many entrepreneurs and self-employed people are tormented by the question of which product works best or which customers choose which. FAKTURAMA provides the answers! The same applies here: thanks to the flexible LibreOffice Calc format, the data can be clearly arranged and used.

Web shop interface

The customer, item and order data is loaded into the system via the configurable web shop interface. A large selection of web shop connectors ensures that the most well-known web shop systems are connected to FAKTURAMA. When data is imported, item and customer records that do not yet exist are automatically created.

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