0137 number

By using an 0137 number, you can, for example, conduct competitions or votes. In addition, you can generate address material or telephone numbers. Our online tools allow you to quickly identify winners. Benefit from our service and our top compensation. With our 0137 numbers, you can refinance your marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

➤➤ 0137 numbers are always charged per CALL!

The operation of an 0137 number runs completely automated with the help of our software. You upload a wave file and you're ready to start voting. Auszalung always takes place per call.

0137 numbers are not suitable for longer conversations. For consulting or premium services, you should use a paid 0900 phone number.

0137 numbers are for voting and competitions only.

What can I earn?


Number Cost of callers Distribution gross
01379 50 cent / per call from 31 cent / per call

Set up 0137 number

You do not have to meet any prerequisites to set up an 0137 number. With the help of our software, you can upload a wave file for your raffle and save a keyboard shortcut. If the customer calls the 0137 phone number, he hears the announcement and can either press a key for the correct answer or leave a reply. Everything is completely digital and automatic.

How much is an 0137 number?

Like any other service number, an 0137 number will cost 75,00 Euro once. For the mobile phone activation also 30,00 Euro will be charged once.

Apply for 0137 number

Before you apply for an 0137 phone number at a service numbers provider, you should know which tariff is to be used. Popular are 0137 service numbers with 1,00 Euro or 0,50 cent per call.

0137-9 number: 50 cent is due per call.

0137-7 number: per call 1,00 Euro will be charged here.

0137 phone numbers are only available from Germany and are used for mass traffic. So you can actively participate in the voting on many TV shows. This source of income has become indispensable for TV stations and newspaper publishers. Whether Eurovision Song Contest or "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" with the help of 0137 numbers you can actively integrate the Zusachauer.

0180 number

You would like to use an 0180 service number for your customer inquiries or orders? Then we can recommend that you use an 01805 number. For the 01805 number, the customer pays 14 cents / min. and you earn every minute! You will receive a promotional grant (WKZ) as a credit every month to your account. We also set up 01803 numbers, 01806 numbers and 01807 numbers quickly.

For which numbers is there a toolkit?

Number Cost of callers WKZ / distribution
0180 - 5 14 cents / min. from 2 cents / min.
0180 - 3 9 cents / min. from 1,5 cents / min.

Notice: The settlement takes place in the fair second-rate.

Foreign countries: Fee per min. International call: 0,085 € / min net, 0049 1805 - 123

Which 0180 numbers are there?

Number Cost for the caller
0180 - 4 20 cent / per call
0180 - 2 6 cent / per call
0180 - 1 3,9 cents / min. - at local rates

All listed prices are net plus VAT.

Here you can check online if your favorite number is still available! But you can also quickly and easily get a number from our number pool.

Request 0180 service number

As a provider of 0180 service numbers, the service number for all cases, we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible advice and opportunities, which can significantly increase the overall customer communication of the company. In addition to choosing the right 0180 number, after all, 0180 Gasse is divided once again, we also advise the customer on IVR menus or ACD solutions. Decisive in the 0180 lane is always the final digit of the 0180 phone number. On the basis of this one can distinguish namely, how high the caller price is and whether this is due per minute or per call. This in turn affects the budget of our customers. Customers who have chosen an 01803 or 01805 number, even earn something with. So the budget is not relieved but increased.

Where can I apply for an 0180 number?
Applying for an 0180 number is safest via an 0180 number provider. This receives its 0180 numbers from the Federal Network Agency.

On the other hand, if you switch an 0180 number with a tariff per call, then the operator of the number will pay us an amount. This is billed by us every month to the provider of the 0180 service number. Have prevailed in the market, the already listed 01803 and 01805 numbers.

The caller thinks about the reason for his call in advance. Finally, the call costs a few cents. If then an intelligent voice control has been deposited by us, then the caller can be operated efficiently. The pre-qualification directs the caller exactly to his contact person or can already enter some information such as his customer number or order number via the menu. Our software then takes control of the caller to the right contact person in the call center or in the company.

As a provider of 0180 service numbers we take the advice very carefully. A questionnaire is intended to capture the requirements of our customers in advance, which will then be put into action by our programmers.

What does the caller pay for 0180 numbers?

01801 (per minute.) 0,039 € from the landline, max. 0,42 € from mobile

01802 (per call) 0,06 € from the fixed network, max. 0,42 € from mobile

01803 (per minute.) 0,09 € from the landline, max. 0,42 € from mobile

01804 (per call) 0,20 € from the fixed network, max. 0,42 € from mobile

01805 (per minute.) 0,14 € from the landline, max. 0,42 € from mobile

01806 (per call) 0,20 € Landline / 0,60 cents per call from mobile

01807 (per call) 0,14 € from the fixed network, max. 0,42 € from mobile, first 30. Sec. Free

0180 er numbers are suitable for:

      • Order goods of all kinds, for example by mail order

      • Reservation of tickets or events

      • Hotline for complaints about defective products

      • Information retrieval or Fax2Mail for single exchanges

    • personal advice on the phone to energy providers

0800 numbers

0800 number set up costs

Win new customers with a ➤ ➤ free hotline! Rely on toll-free 0800 numbers for your customer support and secure your business a great deal Competitive advantage! You pay the costs of the caller.

Set up an 0800 service number today. ➤➤ 0800 numbers can help your business make more contacts and inquiries. Show customer proximity and benefit from our attractive conditions. Now apply your own ➤ ➤ 0800 number! There is no 0800 FLAT rip-off! It always earns the provider! Set up 0800 number on fair terms!

Your 0800 numbers cost *:

  • surprisingly cheap 0800 prices

  • for calls from the landline only 3,3 cent/ Min.

  • when calling from the phone only 14,0 cent/ Min.

  • no 0800 FLAT rip-off

  • You only pay for what has been phoned

  • second-exact billing (other 0800 providers calculate in 30 seconds!)

Apply for 0800 service numbers

Why should I apply for an 0800 number?

Every company needs new customer contacts and excellent customer service. With a free hotline you can win up to 25% more new customers and keep existing customers. Good customer service starts with an 0800 number, 0800 service numbers are indispensable in online commerce, because in the digital age people are looking for personal contact over the phone.

Customers can also make an impression on the seriousness of the company. Companies score enormously with an 0800 hotline in terms of image and customer-friendliness. An 0800 phone number remains forever, because this is location-independent.

Areas of application for 0800 numbers

      • Free service hotlines of companies
      • To retrieve information services from government agencies or product recalls
      • Order hotlines for online shops such as Zalando
      • Customer service of all kinds, for example craftsmen or energy suppliers
    • product advice financial institutions and insurance companies

Where can I set up an 0800 number?

An 0800 service number can be requested from an 0800 number provider. With us you can immediately order an 0800 number that we can take out of our pool, or you go the way for a 0800 number by the Federal Network Agency. This takes about 2 weeks to activate the 0800 number.

How much does an 0800 number cost?

For customers, the call on an 0800 number is basically free. This also applies to calls from mobile networks.

Who pays the 0800 numbers?

The resulting 0800 costs are always borne by the 0800 numbers operator. We calculate 0800 numbers very cheap and accurate to the second. Unfortunately, this is not so advantageous for all 0800 providers. Many 0800 providers clocked the calls to the detriment of their customers in 30 seconds or per minute. We are a fair 0800 provider with a second rate.

Where can I buy an 0800 number?

In addition to companies, private persons can also buy an 0800 number via the Federal Agency for Tender. The costs are a one-time 25,00 Euro per 0800er phone number. You can also get a 0800 number from us.

Where can you find a good 0800 provider?

In the digital age with security on the Internet. A comparison of 0800 vendors can pay off if you take a closer look at the running times and additional costs for managing the 0800 service number for the individual 0800 number providers. With us there is no running time and no hidden costs. ➤ ➤ Apply for 0800 number Telecom can also be done, but with significantly different terms. ➤ ➤ Set up 0800 number at a good provider.

What does the software from TC30 do?

Our tool works like a virtual telephone system in the network. The 0800 number is installed and each customer receives his access data from us. Now he can independently set up, forward and provide his 0800 telephone numbers with routing plans.

- Forwarding the caller to several phone numbers simultaneously or staggered possible

- set up an individual welcome message before each call

- Press the keystroke menu so that the caller is immediately put through to a suitable contact person

- Set time or availability (eg from 09: 00 to 18: 00 clock)

- install virtual answering machine, so that eg all calls to 18.00 clock go to the AB

- View and evaluate statistics in real time

- record conversations as needed to improve service quality

- Easy holding management, so that no call is lost

- simple call agent administration

- Up to 2.000 calls per second can be processed by our software per 0800 phone number

In addition, each special issue can be switched with the following modules from our software:

      • Supply via service and geonumbers nationally and internationally
      • Worldwide termination with integration of our intelligent network functions
      • Web administration for optimized control and monitoring of your service (PeakControl, WebStatistik, QueueControl, WebRouting etc.)
      • Virtual ACD solutions for flexible control of your calls, emails and faxes
      • Control and execution of outbound actions in interaction with the ACD
      • Voice automation via our Audiotex platform with connection to your databases / CRM
      • Speech authentication for more data security (eg for home banking, master data change, etc.)

Set up 0800 Number - solutions for every industry

Since 2003 we have gained extensive experience in the area of ​​service numbers and value-added services. In this respect, as industry experts, we know exactly the requirements of our customers and the challenges of the market. Together with our customers, we develop innovative services in the call center and support area in close cooperation.

In addition, we provide tried-and-tested solutions that do not need to be reprogrammed. We can provide the optimal communication solution for every industry with our software modules.

Customers value our expertise, which helps them to establish a competitive and innovative business. Particularly in the start-up area, we were able to prove our abilities and many years of experience in many cases when it comes to setting up support hotlines or entire virtual call centers.

With our TC solutions, we create the basic conditions for accelerating the profitability of business processes in the company. For example, companies can grant different access rights to different employees or record conversations that can then be used to evaluate service quality. If the call volume increases, new agents or call centers can be added.

All settings can be made online. Anyone who wants to save the cost of purchasing an expensive telephone system. Our live manager has all the modules you need to set up a virtual call center. With the comprehensive aurn control functions you can optimize the accessibility of your 0800 numbers. Individual announcements, voice menus or free waiting loops facilitate the call flow.

No new telephone connection is needed to operate an 0800 number. The incoming callers on the service number are fed to the existing telephone line. About a signal, which we can send, you can tell if it is an 0800 number call or a call of a friend. So you can even get a professional appearance with a mobile phone number.

If you are annoyed by annoying callers on your 0800 phone number, then you can use our tool to block the caller number with one click. The caller can then no longer call your 0800er number.

With an 0800 number, every company can significantly increase the number of customer calls. Our virtual PBX will help you to convert the incoming 0800 calls into Sales.

Our customers can save themselves the purchase of an expensive hardware / telephone system. No cables need to be laid or technically-savvy staff set. An 0800 number can be set up by companies, founders, freelancers and, of course, private individuals. Finally, calls to 0800 numbers are always free. If you want to excite your customers for yourself or your company and, above all, want to retain them long-term, you should set up your own 0800 number as soon as possible.

0900 numbers

Set up 0900 numbers - earn money on the phone

More value for your services on the phone? Simply tell the price of your service or consulting services yourself. You tell us what the caller is paying and whether your 0900 number should work both from the fixed network and from the mobile network. Turn your precious time on the phone into money with 0900 service numbers! Here are some examples of the payout:

Number Cost for the caller Payment gross
0900 - 1 1,86 € / min. up to 1,563 € / min.
0900 - 3 1,99 € / min. up to 1,706 € / min.
0900 - 1 10,00 € / per call 7,2800 € / per call

Good 0900 number provider

Before dealing with paid payment system, one asks in his circle of acquaintances the question of whether someone has experience with an 0900 number provider. The question is important because there are also black shots in the value-added service industry.

For this reason, it is important to know the terms, terms, payouts, and routing options before setting up an 0900 service number. So what better way than to ask a friend who may already have experience with one or the other 0900 number provider.

Some 0900 providers promise fabulous payoffs. If you then hold your first billing in your hand, then you notice the endless deductions. These fall, for example, for the transport of the call or the collection service. Unfortunately, these costs were simply overlooked in advance and paid attention only to the high payout. Reputable 0900 number providers include these fees in the payout amount with, so this is consequently lower.

Best 0900 number provider

So if you have the choice between two 0900 number providers, one with an 0900 payout of up to 1,80 Euro per minute and the other with an amount of 1,613 Euro per minute, then the decision should be unequivocal. Therefore, one should not be surprised at the first 0900er distribution, if instead of the promised 1,80 Euro only 1,30 Euro gets paid.

Even with offers in which there is talk of a hundred percent payout, you should immediately keep your hands off. The 0900 number provider is not a bank and will therefore not go for the losses incurred in advance.

One should always remember that not every 0900 number provider works seriously. We have been in the 2003 business since 0900 and know what is important. Our customers want a safe and reasonable payment of their credits. Finally, there are costs for advertising and for employees. Reliable payment flows are therefore always welcome. After all, we want to work with our customers over the long term.

Frequently asked questions about the 0900 service numbers

Which numbers are there?

0900 - 1 for information services (eg software consulting)
0900 - 3 for entertainment services (eg card reading, astro consulting)
0900 - 5 for other services (eg erotic)

Which fares from the fixed net are there?

You can choose between minute or block rates:
minute tariffs from 0,49 € to max. 2,99 € per minute
block rates up to max. 10,00 € per call (can only be used for donation hotlines)

Can I choose an 0900 number?

Yes! At the Federal Network Agency you can check if your 0900 request number is available.

What is the payout, what can I earn?

The distribution is based on so-called tariff clusters. We set up all numbers with the tariff cluster TC80, which can of course be changed on customer request. The availability of your 0900 number is guaranteed from all mobile networks. Depending on the mobile company, the cost for the caller is between 1,48 € and 2,99 €. If you are interested in other clusters, then we are happy to advise you on 02961-91091-0

Calculate your own earnings at www.0900-rechner.de.

0900-1: Costs for the caller: 1,49 € / min. // Distribution gross: up to 1,163 € / min
0900 - 3: Costs for the caller: 1,86 € / min. // Distribution gross: up to 1,498 € / min.
0900 - 5: Costs for the caller: 1,99 € / min. // Distribution gross: up to 1,613 € / min.

Are there any costs for me?

If your service number is owned by your customers, we will charge the monthly fee to your credit. If you do not make any sales, you can have the 0900 phone number switched off at the end of each month at any time.

What happens if the customer does not pay?

With calls from the German fixed net it can happen to you that the caller does not pay his telephone bill. We will then receive a message from the telephone company and deduct the sum from your distribution. We then take over the collection for you until the last extrajudicial. Reminder level and, if successful, you will be paid the entire rate retrospectively.

Can my customers also call the 0900 number from their mobile phone?

Yes, we will unlock every 0900 number on all mobile networks.

Is there a set-up fee here?

To transport the number in the mobile networks 30,00 € are due.

What advantages does the availability of 0900 numbers from the mobile networks have?

You can generate a higher turnover and the distribution is guaranteed free of cancellations! Billing is via the mobile bill.

Where can I apply for an 0900 number?

If you would like to apply for an 0900 service number, you can do so via an 0900 provider. We prepare the 0900 application for the Federal Network Agency and then set up each 0900 phone number. The own 0900 number can be realized by both individuals and companies about us.

What must a good 0900 provider have?

In addition to excellent customer support, performance, distribution and service must be right. That's why you should only have your own 0900 number set up with a first-class service number provider. Value-added services There are many providers, but only a few keep their promise. Unlock new sources of revenue for your business with 0900 numbers from TC30. A chargeable hotline can be set up not only with 0900 numbers, but also with 0180 numbers.