Placetel is the cloud phone system for your business. The principle of the cloud telephone system is very simple. With Placetel, you no longer need any hardware on-site, as all the features of a traditional PBX are delivered over the Internet or, as the saying goes, from the cloud.



STRONG - Professional business communication

At Placetel, you not only get all the features of a traditional PBX, such as group calling, routing, or toggling, but also add features such as voicemail, e-fax, conference calls, and intelligent call management through 100. Features that were previously only available to large companies with costly installations.

SMART - up to 50% cost savings through "pay per use"

With Placetel's cloud PBX, you can reduce your telecommunications costs by up to 50%. For example, you no longer need a separate telephone line. Also investments in a hardware telephone system as well as costly maintenance contracts become superfluous. Furthermore, Placetel calculates according to the "pay per use" model. As a result, you only pay for the services that you really use.

In addition, you make calls from 1 cents per minute to the German landline.

SIMPEL - Everything always in view

With the Placetel web portal, you can manage your PBX in seconds, controlling your business communications from anywhere in the world.

The web portal can be easily and intuitively configured without much effort.

Whether you want to create a new employee, set up a forwarding or want to view your current monthly bill online: You are in the right place in the web portal.

SECURE - ISDN voice quality and high security

Telecommunications is the central instrument of daily business communication - we know about the high relevance of trouble-free and high-quality telephony. Therefore, we have made dedicated arrangements to meet the high demands of our customers. So the Placetel telephone system is hosted in a high-performance data center, in order to guarantee a very high availability of the services.

The voice quality of the cloud telephony is equivalent to the ISDN standard.

FAST - Business Ready in less than 3 minutes

You can order the telephone system from the cloud directly at and set up within a few minutes. For undecided interested parties Placetel offers an 30-day free and non-binding test phase.


The Placetel telephone system offers you all the functions of a conventional telephone system such as brokering, forwarding, on-hold music, busy lamp fields, timed announcements and much more. Overall, you can enjoy far more than 100 telephony features for your business with Placetel.


With the Placetel conferencing system, you can use any number as a conference number. Make calls to up to 10 participants in a conference room.

The dial-in is made via an individually definable PIN code.


Bring your mobile devices to the Placetel cloud with us and our partner Vodafone. Receive and start calls

under your office number via your mobile phone. So you stay in any place in the world and at any time flexibly accessible.


With the electronic fax from Placetel you receive and send your faxes conveniently by e-mail. This will save you the paperwork and at the same time protect the environment.


With our Unifi ed Communications Client you integrate all communication channels in one place:

Desktop Presence, Phone Presence, Video and Instant Messaging.


The Scheduled Routing feature allows you to schedule your weekly availability in advance. For example, your phone number can ring from 9: 00 to 12: 00 clock in the Office, from 12: 00 to 18: 00 clock on the mobile device, and from 18: 00 clock in the home office. This option can be set individually for each day of the week.


Placetel provides you with a full IP telephone connection. This includes according to your order a firmly defined number of phone numbers from your local area network. A separate telephone connection you no longer need with Placetel, only an Internet connection must be available.


With the Placetel API, you can integrate third-party systems such as Zendesk as well as remotely control your Placetel telephone system via other applications (eg make outgoing calls, change call routing for telephone numbers, etc.). In addition, you have read access to VoIP users, phone numbers, itemized bills, the inbox and much more.

If you are interested in placetel, make an appointment with one of our sales representatives. He will gladly show you the system or install an 30tage trial version for free.