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The future of Shopware 5 is a matter of the heart for us. Shopware 5 stands for more emotions, atmospheric experience in the shop and unique product experiences. The stable and proven product provides the perfect basis for projects of varying complexity and is very flexible and adaptable thanks to its large ecosystem.

5 years

Updates and Support





5,8 MRD €

Dealer sales 2018

What is Shopware?
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intuitive operation

With Shopware you can fully concentrate on your core business. The backend is thoughtfully structured to make it easier for shop operators to get started and save time.

State-of-the-art technology

A state-of-the-art and trendsetting high-end architecture forms the basis of Shopware. PHP 7 and the integration of Elasticsearch are just as much part of it as an open API.

Individually customizable

Shopware means freedom. You have the opportunity to customize your shop easily. Many customizations can already be implemented by default in the backend.

Open Source

Shopware is fully open source. This results in new, helpful customization options that will make your shop even more attractive.

Always up to date

With Shopware, you benefit from a system that is constantly expanding with innovative features that have the potential to change the commerce of tomorrow.

Short time-to-market

Time is a valuable resource in eCommerce. In order not to lose anything, Shopware Enterprise offers the possibility to launch several shops in the shortest possible time.