The central office

The Home Base brings together devices from different manufacturers and different wireless standards. For example, you can have Philips lights switched on by a motion detector from eQ-3. Thanks to integrated WLAN, the Home Base can be placed anywhere.

eQ-3 motion detector inside


  • Automate situations with the Magenta SmartHome app
  • Notification of activity (movement, darkness detected) and battery level
  • To 45 degrees continuously rotatable left and right
  • Has a variable triggering brightness
  • Filtering out short brightness fluctuations
  • Creep protection with second 360 grade lens
  • Sabotage protection protects against malfunction

eQ-3 outdoor motion detector


  • Notification when moving in the Magenta SmartHome app
  • Detection range of up to 9 m, coverage of about 90 degrees
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Variable tripping brightness and variable sensitivity
  • Filtering out short-term brightness fluctuations
  • Direct training of actuators

Bitron video outdoor siren


  • Strong siren 104 dB (A) on 1 meter
  • LED flashing light for alarm and status display
  • Different alarm sounds for burglary and fire alarm
  • Sabotage protection and weatherproof housing

eQ-3 smoke detector (IP)


  • Optical scattered light smoke alarm with Q-label
  • Maintenance-free thanks to a built-in battery with 10 years of service life
  • LED emergency lighting when the alarm is triggered to illuminate the escape route
  • Networking of up to 40 wireless smoke detectors of the same type possible - the alarm can be passed on to other Homematic IP smoke detectors via a repeater function
  • Metal mesh around the smoke chamber prevents false alarms from insects
  • Flexible and easy ceiling mounting with supplied screws and dowels